Schoolies Room

Age Group: This room caters for 20 children aged from 4 to 12 years

With a ratio of one staff member to ten children, this room is supervised by two experienced staff in a loving and nurturing environment.

The opportunity for quiet play, homework and outside play within our natural environment.


The schoolies utilise a large room located at the adjoining family centre.  The room is spacious and has a large outdoor area with a verandah, gazebo, sandpit and large play structure with climbing wall and a tall slide to challenge the school aged children to take safe risks. The children are invited to assist educators in setting up areas daily depending on their interests and needs. They have access to tressel tables and large chairs to set up spaces and share meals. The room has a private bathroom with two adult sized toilets and hand washing facilities.

Before and after school care is available during school terms with a bus service offering pick-up and drop-off to 5 local schools: Challis Primary School, Willandra Primary School, Dale Christian Primary School, Kingsley Primary School and Gwynne Park Primary School.


Play Areas

Throughout the indoor and outdoor areas, we are able to cater to all areas of child development. We offer opportunities for rest, construction, creativity and interest based areas. These change regularly to reflect the children’s interests and based on what observations have been made to enrich children’s learning. Educators aim to include the school aged children’s ideas when selecting resources and areas to set up on a day-to-day basis as they develop on their sense of agency and identity.


The schoolies are encouraged to enjoy indoor/outdoor play and have free flow between these areas during the majority of their time during before and after school session times. We encourage independence and the children are encouraged to take more responsibility for their environment, learning and decision making. The children engage in various activities that are based upon the children’s interests and developmental needs as identified by the educators. We adopt the early works curriculum which is an online based program so parents can log on anytime and receive updates on their child’s progress and daily ventures. Families are invited to communicate with educators through the online forum and become involved in the kindy curriculum. Experiences such as woodwork, construction, art and craft, Lego and animals are some of the many options available.


Alongside the Mundarda Philosophy, educators adopt their personal philosophy and pedagogy towards the way children learn. Educators use this knowledge alongside The My Time, My Place Framework and developmental milestones to guide child development. The educators aim to correlate learning goals with the children to cater to their various developmental needs and interests. We aim to ensure each child develops a sense of belonging within the environment, is encouraged to be themselves and invited to learn and grow in their own unique way.

We adopt the Earlyworks curriculum, which is online based, providing parents the flexibility to log on and receive updates on their child’s progress easily throughout the day.  Through conversations, interactions and meaningful relationships built with families, individual developmental goals can be reached through partnerships created between care and home.