Toddler Room

Age Group: This room caters for 15 children aged from 2 to 3 years. 

With a ratio of one staff member to five children, this room is supervised by three experienced staff in a loving and nurturing environment.

Staff are aware of each child’s routine and ensure that it is followed. Programs are used as a guide, but staff will observe children and allow the day to follow their interests.


The toddlers have a large spacious room for indoor activities, set up with evolving environments and a range of daily experiences.  The toddlers have a large outdoor area, featuring a verandah, a large play structure with multiple interactive activities, a bridge and a slide.  They have a large area for running and a sandpit and cubby house.  The toddlers room has nappy change facilities and child sized basins and toilets.


Play Areas

Through out the indoor and outdoor areas we cover all areas of development and have various areas set up.  We have a quiet area, dramatic play area, construction, creative, interest areas and many other fun little exploration areas.  These change regularly to reflect the children’s interest and based on what observation and extension of the children’s learning.  We are able to develop and create spaces that create a sense of agency and independence and create environments in which each child feels safe and secure as a part of the being, belonging and becoming principles.


Each child’s sense of agency is nurtured and the toddlers are encouraged to enjoy indoor/outdoor play and have free flow between these areas during the majority of the day.  The toddlers explore many activities, experiences and routine activities that help to develop their skills.  We encourage learning through play to provide authentic learning opportunities.  Toddlers activities are often interest based and designed with the children’s needs and strengths in mind.  We adopt the early works curriculum which is an online based program so parents can log on anytime and receive updates on their child’s progress and daily ventures.

Some of the favourite activities are: cars, play dough, dancing to music, stories and dressing up.


Alongside the Mundarda Philosophy, educators adopt their personal philosophy and pedagogy towards the way children learn. Educators use this knowledge alongside The Early Years Learning Framework and developmental milestones to guide child development. We aim to ensure each child develops a sense of belonging within the environment, is encouraged to be themselves and invited to learn and grow in their own unique way.

We adopt the Earlyworks curriculum, which is online based, providing parents the flexibility to log on and receive updates on their child’s progress easily throughout the day.  Through conversations, interactions and meaningful relationships built with families, individual developmental goals can be reached through partnerships created between care and home.